Friday, September 16, 2005

Postures and Courage

While Jessica McBride gives unalloyed kudos to the 12 Legislators who signed onto Steve Nass' proposal which would have stopped Wisconsin gas tax collections for a full month, I suspect that some of the folks deserve less than a full red-badge.

Jeskewitz? Lazich? C'mon. Jeskewitz is working on saving her job--and Lazich's conservative leanings, while markedly more certain than Jeskewitz', are not exactly legendary--as opposed, for example, to Nass' Lassee's, or Gundrum's.

The fact is (Jessica's right) that the Association of General Contractors and the road-builders are the financial lifeline of the Pubbies in the Legislature. Actually cutting into their meal-ticket would offend them, and trust me, there's big money out there. Ask Scott Jensen, who will NOT consider removing the no-vote-automatic-escalator of the gas-tax because "it would make planning [difficult.]"

Yeah--that marginal 1/2 a cent or so every year would certainly cause all the road projects to simply disappear, Scott.

And some things are simply more important than taxpayers' personal budgets, right Scott?

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