Friday, September 30, 2005

CCW Lists for the Police?

There's been some discussion about the provision in the new CCW proposal which prevents police (and Sheriffs, I suppose) from obtaining a list of CCW-permit holders.

In general, the police position is like this: "If we pull Joe Blow over for a traffic stop, we SHOULD be able to determine whether or not Joe has a CCW permit. Things could be messy if the LEO walks up to the car and spots a big-ass .45 semiauto on the dashboard."

Owen, at Boots&Sabers does not like this argument. Sykes is sympathetic. Paul Bucher made a big stink about this item last time around, and he and I had an extensive email discussion; I thought he was wrong to demand such a list, even if it was only electronic in a State database. The NRA does not like lists, either.

After reflection, however, I could be persuaded that a list may be made available to the authorities--defined as law enforcement-types--but only as needed--that is, through a driver's license code, or a vehicle-registration code. In other words, if the LEO does not NEED the info, he/she will not have access. Obviously, that means that somebody at the State will have the info, somewhere.

But so what? Gun owners (I am one) claim that they are law-abiding types, clean as the driven snow. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it. BTW, speeding doesn't count!!! dammit!)

What's the big deal? If gun owners who have a CCW are all that clean, Officer Friendly will be inclined to like you anyway, even if you get a $165.00 tag for 12 over.

But there's another side to this, too. I've made it clear (distant-past post) that in general, LEO's are more and more developing a 'fortress' mentality--that the only clean folks are LEO's, and that citizens are suspects. This mentality is most evident in the post-9/11 airport environment, but by no means is it restricted to that venue. I still think that Dave Clark is NUTS for banning fingernail-cleaning 2" knives from the Milwaukee Courthouse. NUTS, I say.

It's a very close call. But if the bill MUST include a provision enabling LEO access to the records to get a veto-proof passage, then the greater good (having CCW in Wisconsin) should be served.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

In order to carry a strap, I would be glad to have my name on the list.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

As would I. Let them run my plates and it say "CCW Citizen." I have nothing to hide.

It's also better than if the cop approached my car, saw my weapon, shot 86 rounds, and with only one entering my leg but the rest destroying my paint job.