Thursday, September 22, 2005

Radio Dumb Ducks

It's not hard to find the Afternoon Guy making mistakes of fact--he does it at least once a day.

Today there were at least two. Early on, he hypothesized that hurricanes were in a 20-year up/down cycle, when the published information says it's a 40-year cycle. Well, what the hey.

Later, and in a much better display of total ignorance, he decided that the Roman Catholic church has erred in barring homosexuals from seminaries. He really doesn't have any particularly compelling proof for his contention (that's because he's ignorant.) Rather, he just decided that he, personally, doesn't like the decision.

His principal misunderstanding has to do with the nature of homosexuality, which to him (and many others, equally mis-informed) is merely a matter of choosing an orifice for gratification. Were it just that simple, his argument may actually stand. But it's not.

Homosexuality is a grave disorder of the personality, involving psychological factors which, in most cases, are manifested in an "un-manly" outlook on many things in life.

Priests are by definition, "alter Christi," another Christ--and that implies real manhood, totally. Not just the physical factors, but the whole enchillada. We needn't get into a discussion of whether mankind is sinful--we already know the answer. Nor do we need to discuss particular priests who are heterosexual but otherwise somewhat wacky. That's not the issue. The issue is precisely psychological, and homosexuals are psychologically disordered.

He then went on to rant that this is "unfair" and "hypocritical" as there are a number of already-ordained priests who ARE homosexual and 'they are not being dismissed from Orders.'

Good grief. The Church may dismiss a priest (or Archbishop) from their public duties as a priest; the Church may even "laicize" the priest, meaning that they are released from their vows. But the indelible mark of Ordination on their souls does not disappear.

Afternoon Screamer, of course, proposes no alternatives--like what the Church would DO with a bunch of ordained priests which may no longer serve in that capacity. No--there's a justice issue here. As long as the priest/Bishop/Cardinal has not become a scandal (civil conviction or obvious indiscretions) the Church has an obligation to these men.

Most likely I've taken more time to post this than the Afternoon Screamer spent actually thinking about the topic.

So what's harder? Blogging intelligently or being a Radio Screamer?

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Well, afternoon guy does generate an audience by being stupid sometimes, and being somewhat controversial, aka screaming/hanging up on people/insulting people, etc.

I am not defending him, rather stating that the guy does make a LOT of sensical points.

He does however have a track record with the church which is typically poor. Gay marriage is a topic I called up and bashed him about in the past while he was playing his devils advocate stunt.

Morning guy on the OTHER station is good, but lacks the drama.

Afternoon guy's station needs to bring back the nationally syndicated radio program they had on 6 months ago.

I know that won't happen, their program manager has been f*%cking up lately... the evening sports guy has now left...

I liked him...