Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Clueless George, but Not Lonesome, UPDATED!

Malkin, not a retiring violet, gives GWB a well-deserved slap in the chops for this abominable appointment.

She's a cute chick; that's about the end of the story. Had a couple of folks under her management at one time--now GWB proposes to give her all of the Enforcement arm of Customs/Border Patrol.

George--did you learn NOTHING from the FEMA joke?

So she married a Chertoff-staffer and is related to some 4-star. Wow.

Cute, smartass, and otherwise unqualified. Your legacy deserves better than that.

UPDATE from Froggy: she’s a true trifecta of affirmative action, nepotism, and cronyism

Hint to GWB: PULL this inane nomination!!

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