Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Adults Analyze Katrina Response

Captain Ed, in his must-read-daily blog, cites a Washington Post (!) editorial on the mess on NOLA.

The WaPost's take: both the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana were missing in action (see McCann, E. Michael, for prototype) during the approach of Katrina AND immediately after landfall.

Most significant: the City of New Orleans did NOT execute a plan (if they even had one) to systematically force AND facilitate evacuation. Secondly, it took a personal phone call from George Bush (on Saturday) to persuade the wet-cheeked and wet-panted Governorette of Louisiana to mobilize the State's National Guard after the failure of the levees was noted.

But while we're at it, another erstwhile blogger, AArrgghhhh!! who has good credentials in logistics, ALSO points a finger at the President--not for lack of action, but for an abysmal deficiency in communication. The President should have put someone in front of the cameras who would competently 1) manage expectations and 2) detail the FEMA response. Rudy G was nominated by a commenter on that post--with good reason.

Finally, it's a lot of fun to watch real commanders (Lt Gen Honore) swing into action. Unlike the Mayor of NOLA and the Governorette of Louisiana, Honore showed up in the LEAD vehicle, dismounted, and with cellphone in hand, directed the Army's 10-ton truck caravan.

He gets our George Patton award.

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