Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Darwin, Breyer, and Other Jackasses

The boys of the Weekly Standard (more accurately, Powerline) have constructed a neat essay on the Hegelian Dialectic's corruption of President Wilson and one Stevie Breyer, now a member of SCOTUS.

What they did NOT do, of course, was to draw equally valid conclusion that GWBush, (their hero, what the hell) is acting perfectly in line with the Hegelian/Darwinian philosophical hegemony through his brutal mashing of States' rights (does the No Child Left Behind bill ring a bell?--how about Highway Funds with strings made of tar? or the upcoming Second Reconstruction?)

Naaahhh. That sort of stuff will have to be reserved to Conservatives, who will immediately be dismissed as Neanderthal America-Firsters.

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