Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Conservative" Radio Guy Goes Hysterical WackyLefto

Sometimes all I hear is a bite or two from the Radio Pundits--thank God.

The Afternoon "stand-up" guy launched into an attack on the Posse Comitatus law yesterday, effectively arguing that the President (I guess) should have the power to send in the Marines when....well, ....something awful is occurring...whatever that may be, in the mind of the President, whoever that might be at the time.

"Stupid" is only the first word that comes to mind. Hysterical (the etymology is important) flashes across the screen, as does "leftist bozo."

Let's assume that the Radio Pundit wants to abrogate Posse Comitatus only for 'natural disasters.' How does one measure the level of "disaster" which triggers an invasion by the Marines?

Last year, Florida took a few hurricanes right to the solar plexus, one after another. They were disasters--lives lost, injuries sustained, homes and businesses wiped out, loss of utilities--and in large contiguous geographic areas, meaning that one couldn't drive across the street to resume normal life.

In the last tornado season, several Midwestern communities were hard-hit by twisters--lives lost, injuries sustained, homes and businesses wiped out, loss of utilities--although the contiguous geographic areas were much smaller.

So were these events, and combinations of events in Florida, sufficient for our Hysterical Radio Guy to call for the Marines?

Likely not.

What the Hysterical Radio Guy wants is based on the same premise as the "wants" of the Hysterical Left: it's the argument from 'save just one child.'

This is the rationale for the War on Poverty, the No Child Left Behind farce, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Sarbanes-Oxley. It is the Federalization of parenthood. In other words, it's Hillary's village all over again.

The people of New Orleans and Louisiana have elected and re-elected their problems for generations. They have empowered their own destruction, repeatedly. The FBI has noted that "[p]ublic corruption in Louisiana has been described to me as epidemic, endemic, and entrenched. No branch of government is exempt." (HT: theDonovan).

As for those who deliberately choose to live beneath sea level, what can one say?

No, Radio Guy--Hillary's Village will not solve this problem. Sell out your cruise to Mexico--and come back thinking clearly.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

It seems as if to me after Katrina the democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals and anyone else in their own category now has an emergency contingency plan of their own. Although everyone has a emergency plan that differs just a tad, they are all similar in one way: THE PLANS ARE WAY TO OVERBOARD!!!

Everyone is responding to a the worst natural disaster we have ever seen, and basing their new plans and solutions strictly on emotion, not with logic.

Oh well...