Sunday, September 25, 2005

Half-Right Xoff

Let's ignore Xoff's journey to the OtherWorld, wherein he quotes some dementia-press outlet...

Now and then the StoppedClock/DU Guru gets it half-right.

The right part: photo ID, in and of itself, will NOT prevent vote fraud, here or anyplace else.

Of course, Xoff forgets that Photo ID, along with eliminating same-day registration, implementation of the Federal-mandated voter registration requirements (submarined very nicely by Kevin Kennedy, whose contractor is in failure mode), AND well-trained poll-workers, will go quite a long way toward eliminating vote fraud--the lifeline of Democrat politicians.

ALL of these (and more) have been proposed by Republicans in our Legislature, who have offered some homage to the keystone of this republic: the sanctity of the vote.

Simply put, photo ID is part of a coherent package, as James Earl Carter affirms.

(We detect that Xoff can smell the coffee. He implicitly concedes that photo ID works. S'pose the WEAC butt-boy in the Mansion reads the polls, too?)

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