Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Seminaries and Homosexuals

Rumor has it that Rome will shortly issue a document which will explicitly ban homosexuals from candidacy for the Catholic priesthood. Although the document has not been published, the informed speculation is that this applies only to men in seminaries--not already-ordained priests. Further, it is speculated that this ban will apply to ALL men who have 'homosexual tendencies,' whether or not they are celibate.

This is a good thing.

But there has been an outburst, as one might expect, from the usual suspects. One of the "factoids" which has been circulating is that 'there is no direct linkage between pedophilia and homosexuality.'

That's true.

The correct word is "ephebophilia," which means acting on homosexual impulses with teen-aged boys older than, say, 12, but under the age of 18 or so. "Pedophilia" is restricted to children under the age of 12--really young ones. Generally speaking, a pedophile could be either heterosexual (the larger percentage) or homosexual.

Etymology counts.


Anonymous said...

I think the complaint stems from the fact that most think they should worry about clearing out the priests molesting and raping kids FIRST. That should be the focus of the CC. I'd rather know my child is safe than worry about an adult having consensual sex. Keeping ones hands off of children should rate higher than sexual preference.

Dad29 said...

Well, it's certain that the US Bishops who were ordaining homosexuals have put the Church into a Hell of a spot, eh?

As to your last remark, "...hands off should rate higher than preference..."--you are both right and wrong.

Keeping 'one's hands off' has to do with action, and as you observe, can be done by either a hetero- or a homo- sexual.

But "preference" is far more important than you think. The homosexual orientation is a weltanschauung, not merely a function-question.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so let me ask you this- which do you find more important:

A) That the Catholic Church be free of non practicing homosexuals?


B) That the Catholic Church be free of practicing pedophiles?

I just believe they should start by getting the (gay or straight- it means little difference to me) pedophiles out.
It's the ones acting out on their deviant desires that I am most concerned about. And maybe I am way off here- but aren't Catholic priest suppose to be celibate anyway? There shouldn't be any sexual conduct going on to begin with. Two consenting adults no matter what their sexual orientation is never going to bother me more than the raping of innocent child.

Dad29 said...

First, allow me to re-phrase your question to reflect what I think you really meant.

The Catholic PRIESTHOOD (not the Church) should be free of predators, whether hetero- or homo-sexual.

(We can take on the entire Church at a later date....)

At this time, as you know, the Church is acting very quickly to remove from active service those priests who have been credibly accused (and/or civilly convicted) of crimes against children or minors. In fact, the latest word from Rome is that the "pile" of unadjudicated cases is being attacked ferociously--things are moving much faster recently.

We agree on this, I think.

Yes, priests are supposed to be celibates. This also means that "two consenting adults" IS meaningful, although less offensive. As a matter of fact, I know a few priests who have been laicized (voluntarily or otherwise) because of chasing skirts. That, too, makes sense to me.

However, you've avoided the real question: the homosexual "grave disorder."

THAT little fact is what motivated Rome (apparently) to demand that no more homosexuals be ordained, period.