Saturday, October 16, 2021

Wow! MPS Enrollment Off ~9%

We note that MPS won't give a precise census--but this is a big drop.

...The district, which in 2019 had 74,683 students, had fewer than 70,000 this fall, Posley said in September. Enrollment drops have caused some schools to be overstaffed while teacher vacancies have caused others to be understaffed. ...

We guessed 7% by assuming (generously) that enrollment is at 69,683--a drop of 5,000 and a number 'less than 70,000.'  But in THIS article, Pravda spills the real beans--so it's almost NINE percent off.

So naturally, members of the illustrious and extremely bright school board knew exactly what to do with all their Build Back Bolshevik Biden*Bucks:

...School board members suggested using the stimulus dollars to avoid cuts or movements of teachers with the goal of preserving staffing for future years, hoping some students may return as vaccines become available for younger students. ...

There are three things to learn from that quote.  First, Board members apparently think that lots of parents pulled their kids due to Covid.  Hmmmm.  What about "parents got the hell out of Dodge!" or "there are a lot less kids in Milwaukee!"?  

Second:  Da Union is about to throw s**tfits over 'movements of teachers.'  Those 'movements' will be from sparsely-populated schools to schools with typical enrollment numbers.  But Union Rules don't like pushing teachers into difficult or violent buildings.

Finally, the union-dominated board suggested paying staffers and teachers to do little or nothing so as to keep them 'for future years.'  That assumes that Milwaukee has a future, of course--and that parents will put their children into the second-worst performing District in the entire State.  

Get your popcorn ready.


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