Wednesday, October 20, 2021

"RRRAAAAAAAAYCIS'!!!!" in Mequon?

Gee.  How did the Democrat Party of Wisconsin get so deeply involved in a school board race?  Remember, these are "non-partisan" seats--unless the Teachers' Union (WEA) is threatened and wants partisans.  And when they want partisans, they simply call our local Journal-Sentinel Daily Pravda!!


One of the HorribleTerribleAwfulRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAACIS' statements?

...She also tweeted "there exists no white supremacist group in the history of America that has taken more Black lives than Planned Parenthood."...

Prove her wrong, twits.  

Then she tossed another bomb at the WEA:

 ...As a Hispanic woman in 2021 I am less afraid of white supremacy and far more afraid of tribal identity politics that seek to tear this country apart at the seams and wreck havoc on the well-being of our children," Johnson said....

This lady is smart.  Very smart.  Teachers' Union doesn't like 'smart.'

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