Saturday, October 23, 2021

Alec Baldwin, Cheap-Ass Hypocrite

Whatever else comes out regarding the manslaughter problem, it seems that Alec Baldwin is an all-around jerk--AND a hypocrite.

Union members working on the Baldwin-financed/produced show walked out over 'working conditions' a day before the manslaughter.  Here's a text-string outlining their complaint.  Note that Baldwin's company refused to pay for nearby hotel rooms, forcing the staffers to drive one hour to ABQ instead.  In addition, they were required to work 14 hours (excluding 1 hour for lunch) before they could go to any hotel at all.  That's a 15-hour day, every day.


...In the days before the tragedy, IATSE had been threatening a large-scale strike that would have crippled Hollywood production. Among the complaints were overworking staff and poor rates. Baldwin recorded a video of himself encouraging the union members to strike if they felt they needed to, saying studio bosses 'don't give a f**k about you', that the union shared online....


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