Saturday, October 16, 2021

Wally Adeyemo: Economic Dipshit

And since he's an economic dipshit, Biden* put him over at Treasury!

You may ask "Why does Dad29 call this fellow an economic dipshit?"

Glad you asked!!

During an interview with ABC News on Thursday, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo stated that the economy is in transition, “and as part of that transition, we are seeing high prices for some of the things that people have to buy.” And “the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated.”...


The Vaxx cures inflation AND doesn't really prevent Chinese Lung-Rot.  Remarkable invention indeed.  Does Krugman know about this?  Is this written in secret ink in Keynes' opus?  Friedman's?

Or is it only in the alleged 'mind' of a butt-kissing Biden* sycophant in need of a job?

Let's Go Brandon!

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