Thursday, October 14, 2021

"Vetting" Done for McCoy Afghans? No.

We can rate this PolitiFart effort as "Greatly Misleading."

The question(s) surround the Afghan population at Ft McCoy.  A State Senator said that the majority are not SIVs and some have no documentation at all.

PolitiFart agrees with his statement.

Then they commence the misleading.

...did some of the refugees arrive with "no documentation at all"?

That is the second part of Testin’s claim.

To be sure, many Afghans arrived at the Kabul airport with no documentation amid the chaos of the country’s collapse. And, almost without a doubt, some of them wound up at Fort McCoy.

But in making the claim, Testin suggests there was no vetting done of the refugees at all.

It’s important to note, every person that boarded an evacuation flight was screened at an international staging area, such as Qatar or Germany, and screened again upon landing in the United States, CNN reported on Aug. 25, 2021.

The vetting process, even without proper paperwork, included biographic information and biometric data, such as voiceprints, face photos, palm prints and iris scans.

Afghans only arrived at military bases, such as Fort McCoy, after they passed through both initial screenings....

Testin's claim depends on the meaning of the word "vetting."  In the dictionary, it's:

The act or process of appraising or checking a person or thing for suitability, accuracy, or validity:

The PolitiFart writer has a different definition; he claims that taking bio- and biometric data, photos, palm-prints, and voiceprints is "vetting."

Nope.  That's simply not true.

We Rate This PolitiFart as "TOTALLY MISLEADING."


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