Sunday, October 24, 2021

Less Covid Patients NOT a Reason to Celebrate

Gee.  The propaganda-pushers in medicine gave this "great news" to the propaganda-printers.

How can "less Covid patients" be not-so-good news?


When you are diagnosed as 'positive,' the propaganda-pushing "doctors" will NOT prescribe treatment such as Ivermectin or the HCQ-Zith combo.


They'll send you home to drink fluids and take Vitamin C.  

When that doesn't work and you're near death?  THEN they'll admit you to the hospital.  That's when they can make extra bucks--and so can Big Pharma, with its "new and better" infusion medicine.

If they had done the right thing in the first damn place, "admissions" would ALWAYS have been relatively low.

See how the propaganda works?  What's terrible is 'wonderful'.

Except for those who can see.....

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