Friday, October 22, 2021

Leg Audit Bureau: "Yup. Trump Won"

Read the report.  The Wisconsin Election Commission staff is crooked as Hell, just like the Election Clerks in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and Kenosha.  (We know, we know.  Dane County/Madison REFUSED to participate in the audit.  That tells you all you need to know.)

About 140,000 illegally-cast ballots were counted because the Wisconsin Election Commission told clerks to ignore black-letter law.  So the highly-partisan and frankly crooked Democrat clerks DID ignore black-letter law.  

Remember, Trump "lost" by only 20,000 or so votes. 

By the way, the report suggests that Walker won in 2016.


If you are, that's because you believe the AP-Pravda crapola, written by Moscow-certified "reporters."

Don't be that guy.  Read the report.

When you look at the "recommendations" items (lots of them) you'll also ask yourself "What does W.E.C. staff do during their working hours?  It looks like they didn't do much at all!"  That's a very good question, indeed.  Failure to execute data-sharing agreements with other Wisconsin departments to verify voter eligibility, failure to train clerks adequately on a number of procedures, failure to insist on voting-machine qualifications, failure to regularly obtain ERIC data......

WEC staff must take a lot of long, long, lunches over at Democrat Party HQ in Madison, eh?

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Saint Revolution said...

On June 30, 2016, the WI GAB Government Accountability Board was replaced with WEC Wisconsin Election Commission and Wisconsin Ethics Commission.

When GAB was dissolved, all Memebers were, by law, compelled/required/supposed to re-apply for their jobs and, of course, most, if not all, would not have passed the background check.

This mandate was put in place to faciltate a completely new thorough background check on each and every corrupt crony GAB lawbreaker so that they could NOT continue within the new WEC structure.

Instead, all employe simply transferred to the new organization, flouting law, and continuing their corrupt criminal ways under a new name ... and, to this day, no one has stopped them.

Just like Xiden is NOT President and never has been, none of the Commissioners, etc of WEC are legitimate yet no one stops them nor does anything about the grand usurpation of law. Just like the stolen Presidential Election.

Truly f/u/k/n unbelievable.

We are NOT a Nation of laws any more. Laws are meaningless to these luciferian satanists.

Ballots and jurisprudence are dead in US.

Get the hint?

Once again, Edmund Burke ... evil exists ... good do NOTHING!

What're'ya gonna do, Sheople?!