Friday, October 22, 2021

Icky, Horrible Republicans Still Majority!!

The pathetic Journal-Sentinel Pravda takes a day off from bashing Ron Johnson to rend its garments over something that cannot be changed:  Republican dominance of the Legislature.

Republicans who control the Legislature would maintain a large advantage in Assembly races under a redistricting plan they made public late Wednesday. ...

...Under the plans Republicans released Wednesday, 61 of the Assembly's 99 districts would lean Republican, according to recent voting patterns analyzed by Dave's Redistricting, an online platform that allows the public to review maps.

A small number would have only a slight GOP lean, meaning Democrats would have a shot at winning a few of those 61. But the vast majority of GOP seats would be quite safe for their party. (Republicans would also have a shot at winning a handful of the 38 Democratic-leaning seats.)

Because of the number of GOP-advantaged seats, Republicans would likely continue to hold sizable majorities in the Assembly for years. ...

Maybe the hard-left "journalists" should just say what they actually think:  prevent all the citizens who don't live in Milwaukee, Madistan, Green Bay, Racine, Kenosha, Eau Claire, and LaCrosse from voting!  Zuckerberg can find a way, right?

There.  Problem solved. 

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