Thursday, October 14, 2021

Ascension "Catholic" Hospitals and "Common Good"

Apparently Ascension---which calls itself a "Catholic" hospital chain--is now making moral determinations on behalf of its employees.

Declaring that 'autonomy is not an absolute value without constraints in Catholic teaching  [and] can be appropriately restricted by those with responsibility for the common good........when necessary to protect others from harm....', Ascension told its employees to either Vax or Die (to us.)

Ascension has a good deal to learn about "common good."  In this essay, the author surveys the three different 'common good' definitions used in Church teaching and concludes that none of them clearly would 'mandate' remote material participation in abortion. 

This essayist is far more trenchant:

...The directives pertaining to the vaccine, addressed in light of a supposed “grave pandemic,” in themselves show an ignorance and to some extent an obstinacy (which seems to be the real pandemic, in both Catholic and secular circles) relative to the reality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19—a reality that makes the necessity of a vaccine for this virus questionable at various levels. Additionally, others are arguing for the morality of being vaccinated. However, one common trait in both cases is the resounding and disturbing silence, cooperation with (despite the significant number of counter arguments—scientific or otherwise), and sheepish following of the irrational measures taken against COVID-19. 

It appears that these entities (be they church leaders, academics, universities, etc.) are willing to ignore the potential immorality of those actions/measures, despite the significant harm they have contributed to society, physically (at all levels), psychologically, economically, socially, and spiritually, defending their actions at the same time, with the excuse of supposedly “serving the common good.” Additionally, these academics and church leaders appear to be ignoring the subsequent evils stemming from the use of the vaccine, including the vaccine passports that are already being utilized as a social credit platform equivalent to what is utilized in communist China (the developer of this concept)....

In the case at hand, Ascension has not emphatically argued the case for use of Ivermectin (or HCQ, etc.) as an early-onset treatment, nor are they concerned in the least with the logical fallacies they embrace such as the fact that 'vaccinated' people transmit Covid; that 'vaccinated' people also become infected by Covid; that the overall CFR before the Vaxx and after the Vaxx are near-identical; and that the vaccination has a more-and-more serious list of after-effects in the short term, not to mention that its long-term (3 years ++) effects are completely unknown--or perhaps (ominously) un-revealed.

Ascension has every right to force its employees to Vax or quit.

But they don't really have the right to call themselves Catholic.  Catholics would have fought tooth and nail to treat patients with whatever works; Catholics would have fought the Biden* Administration's "mandate" which was backed up by threats of cutting off Medicare/Medicaid funds.

(Maybe we should say "Catholics with Principles...." above.  After all, Joe Biden calls himself "Catholic" as does Pelosi.  But it's very difficult to find "principles" in either of them.)

Catholics do not worship Mammon--which is really what this is all about. 

Let's Go, Brandon!!!

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