Monday, October 18, 2021

Tommy Thompson's UW-Madison CRT Mandate

Tommy Thompson--to his credit--didn't force UW-system students to get the Vaxx.  He bribed them, but that's not "force."

On the other hand, it appears that he's not paying much attention to equally serious problems at UW.

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s critical race theory-centric course mandate is about ensuring “safe academic and work environments” on campus and the “success” of graduate students, a UW spokesman tells Empower Wisconsin....

 ...Last week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch released a video on Facebook detailing a letter sent to UW-Madison graduate students.

“If you don’t complete this required program by September 24, 2021 an enrollment hold will be placed on your student account and you will not be able to register for Spring 2022 courses,” the letter states....

The UW-Madison has always been Seriously Leftist, all the way back to Van Hise days.  Thompson hasn't made much of a difference, either.

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