Saturday, October 16, 2021

Did You "Voluntarily Resign" By Refusing The Vaxx?

Ticker--who ran a business for years and knows his way around--has a handy little guide to contract law at his site.

It is important to remember that NOT ALL CONTRACTS ARE "WRITTEN."  Some are oral agreements.  Most white- and pink-collar workers have oral contracts

So when your tricky-dickster "Catholic" hospital chain says 'refusing the vaccination is considered to be a voluntary resignation,' they are kidding you and themselves.

...Both parties must agree to the same terms; that is, what is offered and what is accepted must in all material respects be the same thing or there is no contract.  In most cases one party provides money, but not all; it is perfectly legitimate to contract for a case of beer in exchange for mowing your lawn, as an example.  This is called "a meeting of the minds."  If all parties involved did not agree to the same thing then there is no contract.  That which was not contemplated at the time cannot be unilaterally inserted by either side later on....

Most hospital employees did NOT contemplate a vaccine mandate at the time they were hired.  In fact, most hospitals themselves didn't.   

Consult with a lawyer, of course.  But make sure you get FIRED.  Don't just meekly walk out the door like a good little sucker unless your lawyer says so.


Evangeline said...

Superb advice, I'm sure. People need to think about the things that may come down the road, like lawsuits and compensation, please God, they result in wins for the people who have been persecuted by this. Science now understands vaxxed as well as unvaxxed can get and transmit Covid. But people who have been infected do not get infected again, despite some trying to claim that happens. They cannot find any documented case where Covid was properly diagnosed twice. So formerly infected are the safest to be around, of all.
Yet they are persecuted with these evil mandates. This is not about public health. Not at all.
People need to realize how insidious slavery is. We have all allowed them too much ground already. We already believe the invasion on our personhood, the injustice of having to submit to a weekly medical test to prove we are not "the dirty infected", is some kind of a "win", a grace, bestowed on us from above. It is no such thing. It is a profound LOSS of our freedom, bodily integrity, and a degradation, harmful to our soul. We should say NO and HELL NO, to it.
What a pity our fellow man has been so blind he has failed to see that together, we could have beaten this by numbers. What people fail to realize is today it is the unvaxxed. Tomorrow it is injection number 27, for them.

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