Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ballweg (R-Markesan) vs. Women

Something's wrong with Sen. J. Ballweg.

GOP state Sen. Joan Ballweg joined two of her Dem colleagues in voting against bills that would ban transgender students who were born male from competing in girls’ and women’s sports in high school and college.

The Markesan Republican told in a phone interview she opposed the bills for two reasons. One, she believed the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association and the NCAA should be allowed to address the issue on their own.

Two, she cited her work as chair of the Speaker’s Task Force on Suicide Prevention while she was in the Assembly last session. She noted transgender youth are at significantly higher risk for depression, suicide and victimization compared to their peers....

Trusting school administration--whether collegiate or pre-collegiate--to do the right thing instead of the PC thing is stupid, Ms. Ballweg.  Maybe you don't read the newspapers?

Further, "affirming" a choice contrary to nature is the very best way to put people 'at risk for depression, suicide, and victimization.'  You found a tree and ignore the forest.

Maybe your constituents agree with you.  More than likely they don't.

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