Saturday, October 16, 2021

Dear Alan Borsuk

Alan Borsuk is the local Pravda's education writer.  In this article, he quotes various (anonymous) school administrators and school-board members who are uniformly gloomy about their budgets.

He mentions an incident in Florida where a board member was seriously slurred by someone with allegations that she had abused her own child.

That's a rotten thing to do.

Curiously, however, Borsuk forgot to mention the Loudoun County school-board incident where a parent questioned the Board over its burying the rape of his daughter by a self-identified "girl."

Maybe Borsuk didn't read that news.

As to the Wailing and Snorting about budget problems?

So long as school districts think of themselves as "parents" rather than 'temporary custodians for educational purposes only', they will be "short of funds."  Maybe a re-thinking is very much needed.

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