Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hospital Shut-Downs Coming Here, Too??

Both Missouri and Maine have hospitals which will be effecting partial shut-downs due to Teh Vaxx mandate.

In SE Wisconsin, Children's is under threat of the same, as is Ascension.  (The Ascension 'drop-dead' date is November 12.)  There are no reports on Froedtert--yet--but there was a large and active group of Resisters there in July.

Since the nurse- and tech- shortage has existed in this area for 10+ years, a walk-out of 15% will put every hospital in this area in the position of asking "Which unit do we close today?"  And since RN's and techs are not interchangeable Lego pieces (labor and delivery is not the same as post-op cardiac), the effect of such a walkout could close multiple departments, not just one.

Hospitals are finding out that--like airline pilots--RN's, techs, and staffers have a helluvalot more power than ever imagined


Let's Go, Brandon!!

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