Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Doubletalk From Biden*Border Nominee

If you think cops are straight shooters, think again.  This jackwad was the chief of police in Tucson, having started his career as a deputy sheriff in Michigan.  He's married to Terrance Cheung.

...[Biden*'s] pick to head Customs and Border Patrol refused on Tuesday to call the situation at the southern border a crisis as Senator Ted Cruz proposed legislation that would bring the crisis to where 'Democrat elites host their cocktail parties' – like Martha's Vineyard.

During a Senate confirmation hearing, Republican Senator Todd Young said to Biden's pick Chris Magnus: 'I'd like to start off with a yes or no question. Do you believe we have a crisis at the southern border – yes or no?'

'I'm not sure – does it really matter whether we call it a major challenge, a crisis, a big problem?' Magnus countered.

'I think it speaks to a level of urgency and seriousness of purpose and understanding of the gravity of the situation,' the Indiana senator pushed back. 'Presumably one would answer the call to serve in this position because you understand the importance at this moment in history of being commissioner of CBP.'

Young then reiterated his question: 'So, do we have a crisis at the border – yes or no?'

'Let me assure you that no one believes there is greater urgency to this matter than I do. I have been at the southern border –' Magnus started, but was cut off....

Expect another couple of million drug gang members, sex-slave traffickers, rapists, and drunk drivers in your neighborhood soon.

Let's Go, Brandon!!

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