Saturday, October 23, 2021

Are "Dreamers" Really Just Pigs?

When a (D) Senator implies that you're a pig......

...Menendez added, the leaders of the DACA groups do not want to negotiate for compromise: “The reality … is when you talk to dreamers, they will tell you, ‘Yes, they want to finally have their dream come true and have their status adjusted [to citizen], but they don’t want to leave their parents behind.”...

They want their parents--who invaded the US--to be given citizenship or they won't take the amnesty/citizenship offered?

Gee.  That's kinda piggish, no?

 ...The DACA movement combines an elite-led, narcissistic, and maximalist leadership with a large number of ordinary illegal migrants working in a wide variety of ordinary blue-collar jobs, said Rob Law, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

These illegal migrants have received free education, work permits, exemptions from deportation, plus “fangirl coverage” in the media, yet claim they have the moral right to get the huge prize of citizenship from Americans, he said....

Oh!  Morals, eh?

How about "Get in line" as a moral imperative?

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