Friday, October 15, 2021

Biden*'s Bank Takeover, UPDATED

We all know that the current Secretary of the Treasury Yellen wants to spy on every transaction greater than $600.00 in your bank account.  For most people, that's every paycheck; for many, it's every car payment.  She's lying about 'catching tax cheats', of course; that's the spoonful of sugar to make Universal Spying go down better.

But Biden* didn't quit there.  He also nominated Omarova, a Marxist/Leninist scholar, for Comptroller of the Currency.  That's the person responsible for all national bank audits, regulations, and discipline.  She actually favors forcing everyone to use the Federal Reserve bank as their 'regular' bank--IOW, simply eliminating "banks" from everyday life.  For some reason, this woman won't submit her Ph.D. work (done at Moscow StateUniversity) to the Senate for examination.


UPDATE:  Meantime, PowerLine finds Yellen to be short ........a LIAR.

Runs in the Socialist/Marxist bloodline.

So.  One candidate took a Ph.D. at Moscow State University in Moscow.  Another--Yellen--apparently took the correspondence course there.

Let's Go, Brandon!!

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