Thursday, October 21, 2021

Who Has "Rights"?

Employees of Ascension "Catholic" hospital chain are being fired for not taking the Vaxx.  There are no "religious exemptions" allowed, regardless of the flowery B.S. Ascension puts out for public consumption.

In contrast.....

..."The federal vaccine mandate will soon apply to Justice Department employees, contractors and visitors to its buildings, but one group it won’t apply to is illegal immigrants showing up for their deportation case hearings. The migrants are deemed an exception to President Biden‘s mandates because they are seeking a public benefit or service. "That means they will not have to prove they’ve been vaccinated or show a negative covid-19 test from the previous three days. Their attorneys are also exempt....

 Illegals and lawyers are exempt.  

Nice, eh?  H/T Surber.

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Mar said...

Just throwing this out there. According to the officer memorial page, there have hundreds of officers dying of the Chinese virus.
But I wonder how many actually got it.
If you get sick as a cop, you generally don't get workman's comp or line of duty death benefits. But if you get the Chinese virus, you are fully covered and get the benefits if you die.
So, how many of the deaths were strictly Covid cases?