Saturday, June 12, 2021

WI Supremes Deliver for Freedom of Religion

Several months ago, the Dane County "Health" Commissioner ordered that ALL schools in that County be closed due to ChiComFlu.

Yesterday, SCOWI deemed that order (and WI Statute 252.03 as applied here) to be un-Constitutional.

As a matter of interest, several parties filed briefs in support of the "Health" Commissioner's order:

Josh Kaul (as AG), the Freedom From Religion Foundation (Atheists), the State Superintendent of Public Education, the City of Milwaukee (Tearman Spencer), Madison Schools, Monona Grove Schools, Madison Teachers Inc., Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards, Wisconsin Education Association Council, Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, Racine Educators United, Kenosha Education Association, and Green Bay Education Association,  Gov. Tony Evers, and Andrea Palm.

In other words, the Usual Suspects who are devoted to the demolition of Family and Church.

Happy to note that "Government Man" Hagedorn was in the majority on this case.

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