Saturday, June 19, 2021

Talk About "Mission Creep".....

A lot of VietNam veterans are grateful to the Hmong tribe for its extremely valuable assistance to the US forces in that war.  So they are inclined to look at a charity focused on Hmong assistance as a very good thing.

Well, it ain't just assisting Hmong any more.

 ...The Gustav Pabst Mansion, 3030 W. Highland Blvd., was sold to the Hmong American Women’s Association for $430,000, said listing broker David Barry of the Barry Co.

The association plans to move its operations there from 3727 W. National Ave.

“HAWA will continue to provide services for Southeast Asian women, girls, queer and trans people experiencing violence," said Executive Director Tammie Xiong. "We are so happy to finally have a permanent home in Milwaukee that will allow us to continue this important work.”

The organization is launching a campaign to raise $1 million to support the new facility and its mission,...

 Like I said:  Mission Creep.  Also Creepy Mission, but that's another thing.

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More like Mission Accomplished. Helping people in need.