Friday, June 25, 2021

Kevin Nicholson v. Rebecca Kleefisch(?)

So we drove a few miles to catch Kevin Nicholson (No Better Friend) and the 'anti-CRT' thing he put on last night in Waukesha.  Quite a road-show!  A dozen staffers, organized well.....

Crowd was about 500 or so, so the show started late.  Nicholson's opening remarks left little doubt that he's running for a Pubbie nomination again, whether for Governor or Senate.

Stayed through the first two speakers, one describing CRT's claims very well, the other decrying CRT's implication that blacks cannot possibly succeed at living on their own.

Saw a Leggie there who was leaving early to attend a forensic-audit meeting with a couple other Leggies.  It's clear that if you want a full-bore audit in Wisconsin, it's time to put the heat to your representative.  Vos doesn't want to hear from voters and doesn't really give a flying damn what they think.

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