Thursday, June 17, 2021

No Cash at Summerfest!

This is what's called "progress."

..."By transitioning to credit cards only, we can provide a better and safer customer service experience for our fans, and improve the speed of service, reducing wait times," officials with Summerfest parent company Milwaukee World Festival Inc. said in a statement Tuesday. "Options to convert cash to a card will be provided on-site for no charge."...

What gibberish.  "Better and safer" ........compared to WHAT?

It's amusing to hear 'officials' yap about 'safer', ignoring the little matter of credit-card/debit-card security which--on a public Wi-Fi network--will be zero.

So if you intend to go Brave New World Festival, take the "option to convert" window.  

And if you're a minority, behold the White Privilege at Summerfest!

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