Thursday, June 10, 2021

Charlie Sykes, MD? FAIL!!

 We were reminded that many of The Bulwark's staffers were so virulently anti-Trump that they declared HCQ to be ...........just completely bonkers.......totes out of bounds.  In fact, the stuff will KILL YOU!!!

Among them?

Charlie Sykes, MD.

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Mike Murphy joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the magic potion of hydroxychloroquine and the performative refusal to wear masks, the Reopen debate and the hobbyist class, as well as a look at Joe Biden and 2020: will gaffes or the debate matter more? Plus, a look at the Veepstakes in 2020, and beyond, to 2024.... say Sykes is NOT an M.D.?  He's as ignorant as a post about HCQ?  That it's proven that HCQ taken early in the course of the Chinese Communist Army Flu-Weapon is a very successful antidote?

Ahhhh....yes.  He stayed at a Holiday Inn, of course.


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