Sunday, June 20, 2021

FSNK Boomers


'Free Sex No Kids' appears to have been the Boomer motto.

 ...Speaking of Boomer wickedness, when abortion was legalized in 1973, the percentage of abortions to total pregnancies was 19.3. That percentage rose rapidly and peaked at 30.4 in 1982, the year that the last of the Boomers turned 18. That number gradually declined as Boomer women aged to menopause, and now that the Boomers can no longer get pregnant, the abortion percentage is lower than when it was first legalized, at 18.3 per 100 pregnancies.

That's still 18.3 percent too high, of course, but it offers clear statistical evidence that the Boomers, as a generation, were considerably more wicked than their successors. Of course, not murdering one-third of your children is not a particularly high bar to clear....

Vox is not a fan of the Boomers.  His purchases of Lindell's products are not entirely benign.


Anonymous said...

Vox has gone unhinged recently with his Boomer blame fetish. LOL, the "day of the pillow". But normal folks like Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z see right through his blame that g-g-generation for everything narrative.

Saint Revolution said...

6:30 AM 06/22/2021

DoucheBag Theodore Beale Boi Sissy "Vox Day" is the premier queen sissy of narcississtic hypocrites, a j/a/c/k/a/s/s/h/a/t of the highest order.

Here's a mofo who implores all NUMEROUS TIMES to get off criminally corrupt illegal surveillance high tech platforms but hosts his site on BLOGGER, owned by STOOGLE, and DEMANDS that one set up an account with STOOGLE before one can COMMENT at his bulls/h/y/t (we)blog, an requirement that never used to be in the before-time.

Then, he goes on to bloviate that he could care less who COMMENTS, what they COMMENT, why they COMMENT, or IF they COMMENT, or if they can even access COMMENTing. IOW, he could care less about his ignorant moronic sycophantic supporters, sheople'd, stupid, and sycophantish as they are. This selfish self-centered delusional sperm-loss could give a shit about anyone or anything but his REALLY crappy "music" (if you wanna call it that), his boring "books" (if you wanna call them that), terrible comics (he REALLY needs to study Charles Schulz), his basically unknown publishing firm, stupid new online TV franchise, and all his other innocuous unknown CRAP nobody cares about nor will care about ten seconds after Vox kicks the Day bucket(-list).

This ass Beale couldn't dance nor keep up with his Father on Beale-y Junior's best day. His Father, with 'nad's of stone, went up against Uncle Scam for righteous tax evasion, lost, and became a political prisoner. Beale-y Junior Boi spends all of his time hiding behind his (we)blog and keyboard in Italy bragging about himself with nothing of any real consequence to his credit.

An asshole of the highest order I had the personal displeasure of committing an personal eMail dalliance with, a COLLOSSAL waste of my life with human detritus.

Any of you toads out there that vicariously live through this turd by supporting him REALLY need to do your homework on this goofball of a failed man-sociopath. I mean REALLY DO YOUR HOMEWORK. DIG, dummies.

... and the fact that this boi-whore seems to rail against .gov and big tech while supporting both and hiding in Italy makes this attention-whore-vampire even more sinister and diabolical and questionable as to whether BealeBoi is actually controlled opposition, much like TRUMP is a complete "Don The Con Man", working for the wrong side while fooling the fools of the weak-minded conservatives that refuse to actually do their homework on TRUMP.

'course, these are probably the same morons that actually believe there was an Ashli Babbitt, Q was real, or TRUMP cared.

... and Beale paints, with a broad-stroke-brush, Baby Boomers, a "that" which he OBVIOUSLY knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about. This unhinged self-aggrandizing attention-whore-parasite is the epitome of FAKE and HYPOCRISY.

... and, isn't it funny, the very persons that brought the tech that allows this man-loss to spew his crapola, are Boomers. Biting the hand that feeds ... another trait of ball-less twink bois screaming from their basements and keyboards.

BTW, I'm NOT a Boomer, but a Baby Buster, and this former State Wrestler would LOVE to get Beale-boi on the mat sometime ... I'll even do it right after my morning 11-miler. At my age.


Masters Of The Guard

Anonymous said...

You got banned at his site, and you're mad about it.

"and this former State Wrestler...right after my morning 11-miler."

And you claim Teddy is the narcissist!

Saint Revolution said...

Like usual, AnnTwinkSissy, you have no idea what the f yer puking about and you have yer head so far up it yer lickin' yer own small intestine.

C'mon my 11-miler with me, wouss. Let's put yer shysst where yer piehole bad-breaths.

Or, better yet, try me on the mat, bigmouth. Call the hospital ahead of time and reserve a room. You're pretzel logic just waiting to be twisted.

Ann the [.gov] trollie. A spy you t'ain't. Hacking yer ID was cream cheese ... like yer grey matter 'twixt yer floppy Dumbos.

You really suck at trolling. And everything.

Oh, and by the by, spoofed IP and IDs, and an infinite choice of handles, guarantees COMMENTing any time, any wheres. What cyber universe does yer moronic self operate in?

You must still eat at the kiddy table at ThanksGiving ... if the tykes'll have ya ...

... you f/u/k.

Anonymous said...

You are way beyond delusional, St. Revo!