Saturday, June 26, 2021

Modified Gulf of Tonkin Game?

The Russkies hazed a Brit destroyer the other day because that destroyer crossed into Russkie waters.

Naturally, the British denied it.

Then the Russkies released the video.  Whoopsie!  The Brits lied.

Vox has an opinion on the matter:

If you don't understand why the Royal Navy is provoking the much-bigger Russian Navy, you should recall that the Conservative Party is as influenced by the British version of AIPAC as the Republican and Democratic Parties are.

Things are getting interesting.  Putin knows that Biden* is useless as C-in-C and his scheduled replacement is even worse, although sentient for more than 3 hours/day.

So it's a good time to roughhouse a bit with the Brits, an ally of the US, especially if they are asking for it.

There are other nations who see an advantage in that sort of thing, too.  After all, mistakes happen.  Then there are Wars!! 

Think Sykes, Wiggy, and Billy Kristol have already written their position papers?

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