Sunday, June 13, 2021

O.K. Corral Redux: AZ. vs. Biden*

Biden's* legal water-boy, A.G. Garland, has issued a threat to the State of Arizona's audit workers and its State Senate.

The Arizona Senate responded that if any of Garland's boys/girls attempt to interfere with the recount and canvass, they will be arrested and jailed.

Garland, Biden*, two Georgia US Senators, one Michigan US Senator, hundreds of Biden* appointees, Biden* Grift (Inc) family members, and several dozen FBI muckety-mucks are moving toward full-bore panic; their positions are at very grave risk.

Think Wisconsin Pubbies have the intestinal fortitude to initiate a recount-and-canvass?  Think Garland's servant-boy US Attorneys in Wisconsin will enjoy Hotel Graybar in Waukesha County?


At this time, it appears that there are perhaps as many as TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ballots missing.  That is, pallets of ballots supposedly having X,XXX ballots actually have up to 25% LESS than X,XXX.

How could that happen?

Three possibilities:

The missing ballots were fakes and the Maricopa County election officials destroyed them before the audit began; or they stuffed 200K blank ballots into the "final count" all of which were blank and then electronically 'cured'; or they ran batches of ballots over and over again.


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