Saturday, June 26, 2021

We Are Right. He IS "Tin-Pot Tony" Evers

We've called the temporary Governor of Wisconsin "Tin-Pot Tony" for quite some time.  He really thinks that he is a dictator.

As it turns out, he's alienating Democrats, too.

...Capitol sources say the Democrat is an equal opportunity employer of the political cold shoulder, notorious for ignoring his own party members in the Legislature.

They say Evers and his staff don’t return Dem lawmaker calls, fail to loop them in on everything from major policy initiatives to bill signings, and that he has refused to listen to Democratic legislative leadership ideas and suggestions....

Maybe he thinks of them as 'amoral, stupid bastards,' too. 

This is a good thing.  It won't take many PO'd Democrats to override Tin-Pot's vetoes.

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