Monday, June 28, 2021

Glo-Bush-Baloney Goes PRC-Happy

George HW Bush was given a sound beating by America First candidate P. J. Buchanan in one primary, and Bush had to sweat bullets for another couple of months afterward.  Eventually he won the nomination and a Presidency.

He was, a Globaloney Guy, as is his son G "W" Bush, the Dumber.  Yah, I know "W" reads books.  Whoopdie....

Anyhow, it appears that the Chinese Communist Party purchased favorable noises from the GHWBush Foundation.

The President of the George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations – which has accepted millions of dollars from a top Chinese Communist Party propaganda group – appeared on Chinese state-run media to encourage Americans to look at the regime positively and praise its “good governance,” The National Pulse can reveal.

Pardon me if I don't really give a rotten damn about the GHWBush's abject groveling foo-foo dust spraying.

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