Saturday, June 26, 2021

Wa. Examiner: Please Buy an Editor!

The Washington Examiner spends a lot of money pushing the Globaloney/Bushie/War-War line.

That might explain why they do not spend money on an "editor."

I’m very proud you have a gabble, but, a point of personal privilege, Sen. Hirono, just said I mischaracterized something she said, so I am asking her what was mischaracterized. You are welcome to explain what was mischaracterized.
- Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, speaking at the same hearing after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Dick Durban, an Illinois Democrat, tried to recognize another senator by hitting his gabble, trying to get Cruz to stop speaking.

Almost any high-school grad can identify the THREE gross errors in the above without the aid of the red-highlights.  (I put the highlights there for my Democrat and WannaBee Democrat readers Wigderson, Sykes, Schneider,


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