Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Chabad Rabbi on Nazi Analogies

To clear-thinking people, the VaxPass requirement is comparable to the "papers, please" or yellow-star treatments of Hitler's Germany.

Chabad Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live to back up Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she was recently pilloried by the fake news media.

Greene was hammered because she compared creeping vaccine mandates to yellow stars in Nazi Germany. She refused to back down, even after craven GOP leaders threw her under the bus. Green believes the lawmaker said nothing wrong and her message will help prevent the same evils that led to the Holocaust. 

“A policy excluding people for not complying to any sort of medical policy is definitely right out of the Nazi playbook,” Rabbi Green explained....

That's relevant in Wisconsin, where pearl-clutchers have lost their little minds over a Facebook post by Rep. Shae Sortwell.

...Republican state Rep. Shae Sortwell shared a Facebook post on Friday by the Central Wisconsin Children's Museum in Stevens Point detailing its mask policy. The museum said masks would be optional for those who show their vaccination cards and masks would be mandatory for everyone else over age 5.

"The Gestapo wants to see your papers, please," Sortwell posted on Facebook, a reference to the feared secret police of Nazi Germany....

Here's the problem with Sortwell's and MTG's statements:  The Left wants a copyright on "Nazi."  No matter what the Left does, only the Right can be called "Nazi." 

That's why they're pouting.  Truth be damned!

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