Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Third-World Portlandia

It's worse than you think.

...On May 12, Portland recorded its 30th murder of the year, which is “five times more than were recorded during the same period in 2020, a frightening pace that could see more slayings here by the end of the year than in the past four decades.”

By the end of April, the Portland police reported more than twice the number of shootings (348) as those reported during this same time in 2020....

Principal murder-victim class?  Blacks (just like Milwaukee.)

 ...Downtown Portland, once the “the heart of a world-class food scene” is “marred” with  “boarded-up windows and closed businesses.” The Post appears to partly blame the pandemic for this, but if left-wing terrorists weren’t looting, burning, and breaking windows, those windows wouldn’t need to be boarded up. I just spent a month visiting four Deep South states and didn’t see anything boarded up.

How bad are things downtown? “Over the past year,” Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler told the Post, “the city has recorded an 85 percent decline in downtown foot traffic. The result has been economic despair and more crime.”

“Over the spring,” the Post adds, a mob of “self-described anarchists, usually masked and dressed in black, has shattered windows at the Oregon Historical Society, at a Boys & Girls Club, at a public library, and at many small business, including some owned by Black merchants.”...

All that, yet Biden* and his FBI stooge declare that 'white supremacy' is the worst terror threat in the USA.

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