Friday, June 04, 2021

The Biden* Gulag

Why, yes, there IS a gulag that is not in Siberia.

It's in Mordor on the Potomac.  Washington, D.C.

In that gulag, you do not get a speedy trial; you do not get cash bail; you may not get anything more than public defenders; you are accused of INSURRECTION, although all the Biden* Checkha can prove is trespassing; and you--and your lawyer--may NOT see the video which allegedly condemns you.

Finally, imagine the effrontery of wearing a patch identifying yourself!

These are things that Republican appointees do not do to Democrat foot-soldiers wearing Antifa or BLM costumes, because Republican appointees believe in all that "rule of law" and "Constitution" stuff.

Silly Republicans.  They don't know what a street-fight really is.

Think they might learn some day?

1 comment:

Mar said...

Most elected Republicans are cowards. They just want to get along. They do no not want to fight the swamp.
That made President Trump great and also cost him the supposed election.
It remains to be seen if the current elected politicians get the message. Say, I don't think so.