Sunday, February 14, 2021

NatGas-Fired Electric? Not Cool.

It's "not cool" because--in fact--it's FROZEN.

...On Thursday, when we reported that nat gas prices across the plains states had soared to never before seen levels as a result of a brutal polar vortex blast...which literally froze off nattie supply as wellheads freeze-offs, cutting production receipts just when they're most needed by customers' demand for heating, we said that since the winter blast is expected to last for the duration of the week, it is likely that nattie prices across the plains states could hit GME batshit levels....

Yah, well.

Wisconsin Electric is doing its damndest to freeze its customers.


Getting rid of its coal-burning plants and subbing in "nattie"--natural gas. 

Why would they do that?

Tin-Pot Tony, Cottage-Cheese Biden* and their green allies.  Remember, it's "WARMING" "COOLING"  "WE DON'T CARE JUST CUT OFF ELECTRICITY" for them, and Wisconsin Electric is happy to bend you over to take it.....

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