Saturday, February 13, 2021

Can the Pubbies Win Milwaukee?

Actually, the Republicans COULD make a serious play for Milwaukee.

The essay linked here mentions some notable gains for Trump in NYC (you can read that at the link).

Here's the conclusion:

...No one expected this, and there certainly isn’t much about Donald Trump’s policies on trade, immigration, tax cuts, or conservative judges that explains it. It seems obvious instead that in the age of COVID and violent protests, progressive cities overplayed their hand. When you ask your residents to pay too much for subpar housing, pledge to defund the police as crime soars, and force parents to do things they thought their taxes paid teachers to do, you shouldn’t be surprised at the backlash.

In a unique case of unintended consequences, protest organizers’ focus on racial injustice drew attention to crime and inequality in ways that undercut progressive goals. Calls to defund the police backfired because urban residents actually like it when their streets are policed. Decrying inequality shone a brighter light on how especially progressive cities have cruelly priced out low-income residents by catering to wealthier jet-setters. And closing schools for politically charged reasons left lower-income parents at home with children when they needed to be at work. The media overwhelmingly covered the agitators and focused little on those whose lives were most negatively affected....

He's dead wrong in calling Trump's policies on immigration and trade inconsequential to Big City residents.  They like having jobs.  Taking those jobs away from China--or keeping them in the hands of citizens, not illegals--actually is a positive.  As to the judges:  why do White-Bread Neo-Cons think that city people like living next to drug houses, child-traffickers, or murderers?  Hmmmm?

Anyhow.  The Pubbie Party (the part that's not Stupid) could spend some very productive time in Big City, where they usually fear to tread.   

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