Thursday, June 18, 2020

Zmirak's Very Good Question

It's a "very good question" because it's the same one I had.

Did the Federalist Society Help Launch a Legal Persecution of Christians?
We all know, because the Federalist Society has been bragging about it endlessly, that they have vetted and pushed almost every Trump Fed-bench appointment.

And what Zmirak found out is that Gorsuch always was a Hack-in-Black on the Tranny question.

...I’ve come across some evidence that troubles me. Gorsuch’s views on LGBT issues weren’t some nuclear secret, locked in a vault. They were on clear display in a previous ruling he made back in 2008. That case, Kastl v. Maricopa County, concerned a man who claimed to be a woman, and demanded use of the ladies room. He was later fired.

While Kastl lost his case, the Ninth Circuit Court affirmed … exactly what the Supreme Court ruled this week. That Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applied to “transgender” issues, and protects such putative “women.” Gorsuch signed that ruling, without dissenting from that radical claim.

So Gorsuch was already on the record as agreeing with the wildest theory advanced by the Obama administration and the LGBT lobby about the secret meaning of the Civil Rights Act. Yet the Federalist Society approved him as a top candidate for Trump to appoint to the court.

That leaves me with some questions. Did the Federalist Society simply miss that case?...
Actually, no.

...a highly placed source in the Christian legal community told me that Leonard Leo, co-chairman of the Federalist Society, was fully aware of this ruling by Gorsuch. If that were true, it would mean that religious liberty is not really that important to the Federalist Society....
Ain't that wonderful?

Here's something even worse to contemplate:  How many OTHER Fed-bench appointments pushed by Lenny Leo are opposed to the First Amendment?



JTLiuzza said...

Zmirak is a clown. That aside, a two second look at Gorsuch's wikipedia page, of all things, reveals that while he prepped at a jesuit school (red flag #1), he ends up episcopal (big red flag #2). Episcopals, you know, home of the lesbians who run around in clerics pretending to be bishops.

Dad29 said...

I'm not a raving fan of Zmirak, either.

But you're right about Jebby schools and going Anglican. LARGE red flags.

Anonymous said...

The only columns I have read by Zmirk seem sane and reasoned. Trump needs to fire all the Neocons around him starting with his own daughter and her Israel first-er husband Jared.