Wednesday, June 24, 2020

(D) Tim Carpenter Attacked by Mob in Madistan

Carpenter, a state senator from Milwaukee, was taking a pic of the mob which was rioting near the Capitol in Madistan; the mob attacked him and he collapsed at the scene.  He was hospitalized.

Something else that's interesting:

...Vos also questioned why Gov. Tony Evers hadn't intervened in the destruction of the statues, given it took place on state Capitol property. Protesters also broke windows of a state building near the Capitol which houses the state jobs agency, among other state offices. 

Spokeswomen for Evers and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway did not respond to questions late Tuesday about police force's slow response. ...

Vos should have asked Governor Maggie Gau.  Evers was sleeping and doesn't answer 3AM phone calls.  The Mayor-ette of Madison was reading Jenny Durkan's "Manual on Mayor-ing" (Copyright 2020) and also couldn't be disturbed.

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Anonymous said...

This is war for control of America. Anarchists are activists aligned with the Democrats. The Democrats, down to the level of Mayoral Assistant, are against our Constitutional Republic. To them, there is no history of importance. No arguments of logic, no arguments of reason, no exceptions from the approved path to victory. There is only victory over America. Victory over liberty. Victory over Christian freedom.