Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Time for Popcorn As Democrats Self-Immolate

Are you entertained??

The Lefties who own the Bucks and operate the Fiserv Forum threatened to sue the Democrat Party after the party failed to make a payment towards the convention--which they cancelled.

The Democrat Party is still $15++ million short of its fund-raising just to not-really have the convention, sorta.

The Bucks owners netted $2.5 million from the Democrats, the party they love.

All that from Bice at the J-S Online.

Oh, yah---Jake Tapper was told to STFU by some dude after Tapper characterized a Muslim mouth as "anti-Semitic."

Watching the Left eat its own children is entertaining!!

It's no wonder that the NYT/WaPo/CNN bunch are writing fiction about Trump.  That distracts from the troubles the (D) bunch is having.


Grim said...

"Some dude" in this case is Ice Cube, a figure of titanic importance to BLM because of his authorship and singing of a decades-old anti-police anthem (and for several other reasons, but especially that one song).

He's an interesting guy who has been suffering, I suspect, from the enormity of his success. As it does for many, it seems to have detached him from reality and let him float free into fantasies of which he has been more and more expressive -- Farrakhan, Black Israelites, who knows what else?

Dad29 said...

Yah....some dude who is a "rapper."

"Rap" is pornography (all sorts: murderous, violent, sexual) voiced next to a drum-track.

No wonder all those kids have no prospects. This is what they consume.