Monday, June 15, 2020

SCOTUS Continues Legislating Nutbaggery

Today, the Supreme Court legislated--again--just like when Roberts & Co. declared a new law regarding ObamaCare.

This time, they wrote a new law which Congress never wrote and the President (any President) never signed, declaring that Trannies are included in "sex-discrimination" legislation.  That's because Roberts (and mow Gorsuch) along with the Usual Miscreants, are just so much more Congressional than Congress.

Trump and The Turtle have a lot more work to do, assuming that The Turtle actually understands and cares about Right Order.

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Anonymous said...

So much for the "conservative" justices Trump has appointed.
Christian morals? They have modern morals, Protestants all of them at best, not Orthodox, not Traditional Catholics...
If you follow a church made by man, you will have ever eroding/shifting morals pliable to the times of man.
A Church founded by Christ is timeless.