Sunday, June 07, 2020

Abp. Vigano's Analysis

The more we see of this man's thinking, the more we like it.

The Archbishop wrote a letter to President Trump.  Here's a piece of it:

...In society, Mr. President, these two opposing realities co-exist as eternal enemies, just as God and Satan are eternal enemies. And it appears that the children of darkness – whom we may easily identify with the deep state which you wisely oppose and which is fiercely waging war against you in these days – have decided to show their cards, so to speak, by now revealing their plans. They seem to be so certain of already having everything under control that they have laid aside that circumspection that until now had at least partially concealed their true intentions. The investigations already under way will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the Covid emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. We will probably find that in this colossal operation of social engineering there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.             

We will also discover that the riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances, because they would be followed by repression which, although legitimate, could be condemned as an unjustified aggression against the population. The same thing is also happening in Europe, in perfect synchrony....
Yah.  As a matter of fact, we mentioned exactly that only a few days ago.  Vigano didn't mention the "RussiaRussia" lies nor the impeachment sham--but he didn't have to.

And +Vigano has something else which is not a surprise to any sentient Catholic:

...Although it may seem disconcerting, the opposing alignments I have described are also found in religious circles. There are faithful Shepherds who care for the flock of Christ, but there are also mercenary infidels who seek to scatter the flock and hand the sheep over to be devoured by ravenous wolves. It is not surprising that these mercenaries are allies of the children of darkness and hate the children of light: just as there is a deep state, there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God. Thus the Invisible Enemy, whom good rulers fight against in public affairs, is also fought against by good shepherds in the ecclesiastical sphere....
It is no co-incidence that +Vigano "baptizes" Trump's term 'invisible enemy' thus illuminating the source of the problem.  Catholics have 'baptized' all sorts of non-Catholic stuff for centuries....

And +Vigano is no fool; his reference to 'mercenaries' becoming allies of certain Bishops and Cardinals is pointed directly at the Population Control gang and Homosexualist activists currently on the Vatican's "Best Pals" list.

Ooooh.  This requires prayer.

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