Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fauci the Domestic Terrorist

Anthony Fauci's history is clear:  he's a terrorist.

...He has spent his professional career warning of nightmare scenarios, many which never materialized.

Nobody did more to kick off the U.S. AIDS alarm than Fauci, who was sole author of a 1983 piece in the prestigious JAMA in which he declared the disease might be transmissible by “routine close contact, as within a family household.”...

Remember that?  How about his pronouncement on heterosexual AIDS transmission?

...In 1987, columnist George Will asserted on TV that the heterosexual AIDS threat was overstated. “That’s not correct,” Fauci protested, followed by a prediction that the percentage of AIDS cases contracted via heterosexual transmission (then at 4%) would rise to 10% by 1991. That rate never rose above 4%. ...
In need of more attention after his AIDS flop, Fauci opined on a new disease!

...he declared 16 years ago that we’re “due” for “massive person-to-person” spread of Avian flu H5N1. How massive? While Fauci didn’t define “massive,” according to one estimate by a CDC modeler “even in the best-case scenarios” it would “cause 2 to 7 million deaths” worldwide....
Well, 2 to 7 million is.........a bit high.  The actual number:  440.  Worldwide.  All-in.

Of course, getting attention usually brings MO'MONEY!!  And sure enough....

...More recently, Fauci sounded the threat of the Zika virus, demanding billions more in taxpayer funds. It barely touched two U.S. states before burning out on its own. ...
And now we have Another Deadly Nightmare Killer Pandemic Massacre-Bug!!

...Fauci said the virus met all four criteria for a nightmare scenario: It is new, respiratory-borne, easily transmissible, and has a significant degree of illness or mortality.

Fauci also said the virus surprised him with “how rapidly it just took over the planet.” However, it appears to spread with the same speed as seasonal flu, which covers the world map annually. And, of course, seasonal flu is also respiratory and has significant mortality....


Fauci is very good at his game; after all, he persuaded Trump that the best available remedy was to demolish the US economy and several hundred thousand small businesses, too.  I doubt that Trump will ever fall for that again.

What else did Fauci the Terrorist accomplish?

He demolished the credibility of his office, and for fun, also shredded the cred of CDC. 

Fauci.  Rhymes with Comey, sort of.  At least Comey wasn't a terrorist.

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newguy40 said...

Fauci = The tyranny of the experts.

As my dear old mom used to say, "Never ask a barber of you need a haircut".