Saturday, June 13, 2020

A Letter to Your Bishop

Well, now.  You're all aware of the nuclear missives (clever, no?) recently loosed by Abp. Vigano.  So what's a concerned and confused Catholic to do?

Ask the Arch/Bishop, of course!!!  Here's a sample letter.  See if you get a response.

Dear Arch/Bishop XYZ

In the last several days Abp. Vigano has issued two statements:  the letter sent to the President, and another letter which puts into very serious question the 'ecumenical' position of the Second Vatican Council.  Further, that the "hermeneutic of continuity" simply breaks down when attempting to reconcile prior Church dogma with the Council's statement.  Along the way, +Vigano also expresses serious reservations about the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

Both of these letters are important, to say the least.

The statement concerning ecumenism and the Mass is probably of more immediate interest to Catholics.  Will the Arch/Diocese  be sponsoring a discussion of this document in the near future so that Catholics know with certainty the dogmatic teaching of the Church on these matters?
Will that be followed--before the election--with a discussion of his letter to President Trump?  Catholics expect an exposition of the Catholic position on the matters raised by +Vigano, of course, and I'm certain that any discussion will conform precisely to Catholic teaching, right?
We look forward to your timely response!!


A Concerned Catholic
If you actually DO get a response other than "Please drop dead or shut up!", we'd like to hear about it.


Michael Dowd said...

Good try. The sound you hear from the Bishops will be one hand clapping.

Unknown said...

We're so grateful for Abp. Vigano. God be with him and with President Trump.
The number of faithful bishops are so few.

Kim Poletto said...

Even if you get a response, it will be pure BS. I think they send the newly installed bishops/archbishops/cardinals to BS school before they move in. I guess what I find interesting, is they actually believe the faithful are too stupid to see through their BS.

TLM said...

My 'Bishop' is Cupich...LOL! I think I'll send something similar just to irritate him...LOL!

Paul Jackson said...

It seems that most of the Catholic prelates - Bishops and up - have secretly taken oaths or vows of silence in response to any challenging questions from their Priests and laity.

Aping Bergoglio's silence on the Dubia questions.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, Catholic Church. Don't let these fools bully you.